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Open an agricultural business in Russia

iFarming manages the implementation of an investment project in agriculture based on an EPCM contract.

We provide legal security for companies and their investments in accordance with international and local laws. We help the project to get the needed support and help by the local authorities and the government. We carry out the search and selection of the investment site. We develop all the necessary project documentation and a business plan. We help and accompany the project all the way from the very first stage.

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Pre-investment consulting.

Preliminary research and development of the investment project allow:
– evaluate the local market of products planned for future based production;
– determine the conditions for bilateral relations in foreign trade;
– clarify all the financial details;
– identify potential partners involved in the project;
organization and conduct of the business negotiations and signing of project contracts.

Based on the results of pre-investment consulting, a preliminary decision will be made in regard to the implementation of the investment project on the basis of a feasibility study.

Support from the local authorities and the government.

iFarming helps investors to receive government support as well as to report to the government. Government support helps to strengthen the security of the investment.

State support for agriculture increases the investment attractiveness of projects in Russia:
– direct subsidies to offset part of the investment costs;
– soft loans for investment projects;
– privileges for paying local and federal taxes.

iFarming creates conditions for investors to receive state support.

Search for a site for the implementation of an investment project.

iFarming selects an investment site in accordance with the technological requirements of production:

the necessary area of the land to accommodate industrial buildings and structures;

the area for agricultural land for growing plants;

the area for production in engineering environments, such as electricity, water, natural gas.

Open an agricultural business in Russia

Technological and project consulting.

iFarming provides a full range of services for the design of investment projects in agriculture:

– preliminary design (Front-End Engineering and Design);

– creation of basic documentation (basic conceptional engineering);

– development of a technological project (process design packages);

– design of construction budget documentation (detailed design).

iFarming generates technological and design documentation according to legal requirements, taking into account the rules and technical requirements.


Financial and investment consulting.

iFarming develops the necessary economic and financial documentation to justify investing in the project:

– calculation of the production plan and development of the financial model of the project;

– formation of a business plan and presentation of the investment project;

– protection of a business plan with help by financial institutions and public authorities.

iFarming provides support for the developed business plan for obtaining loans and state support.

Financial and investment consulting.

iFarming creates competitive conditions for organizing and conducting a tender.
iFarming conducts a 3-level analysis of tenderers and their proposals.

Construction, supply, and installation of equipment.

iFarming acts as a technical customer with:

– the supply of technological equipment (equipment procurement);

– supply of building materials and structures (construction procurement);

– construction and installation of technological equipment (construction);

– commissioning of the production facility and entrance into the planned mode.

The EPCM contract guarantees the investor a profitable agribusiness.

iFarming has overall responsibility for ensuring coordination of design and construction work between suppliers and construction contractors.

iFarming guarantees that the work is performed with the proper quality, in accordance with the schedule for the implementation of individual works and in accordance with the schedule for the implementation of the entire project.

The ЕРСМ-contract with iFarming allows the investor to get agribusiness with the set efficiency parameters due to the integrated management of technology, production, personnel, economy, and finance.

iFarming is your key to a successful agricultural business.

About iFarming

iFarming was founded by Artyom Eliseev in Moscow in April 2013. Artyom worked at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and was responsible for investments in the agro-industrial complex and agriculture, and was also an adviser on economics and finance for large investment projects.

The main activity of iFarming is the preparation and support of the implementation of investment projects in agriculture on a turn-key basis on the basis of an EPCM contract. We can make in life your business idea as soon as possible and with a guaranteed result.

We specialize and implement projects only in the field of agriculture. Main directions:

  • Milk production and processing (dairy cattle and goat breeding).
  • Production and processing of meat (beef cattle, sheep, pig, poultry).
  • Production and processing of grain (wheat, barley, corn, soybean, sunflower).
  • Other projects related to the production and processing of agricultural raw materials.


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